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Farma Zanya is the first farm in our offer owned by a Slovak – Marián Takáč. They take care of the farm with his wife, who comes from the indigenous K’ho tribe. This ethnic minority lived in isolation for several generations under Langbiang Hill, where Marian’s farm is located. Langbiang has a volcanic past and very rich basalt soil, this creates a great bedrock for coffee cultivation. The samples sent to us by Marian stood out for their quality compared to other South Asian coffees and this lot is certainly not the last one we will bring from him.

In this lot processed by an interesting method – black honey – you can find a nice combination of tropical fruit with notes of yogurt and the sweetness of dried figs, which creates an extremely interesting combination for any espresso lover.

We recommend Vietnam Zanya black honey coffee beans for espresso.

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Taste profile: Coffee, Espresso
Recommended for: Espresso

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Main information

Country of origin: Vietnam

Region: Liangbiang

Farmer: Marian Takáč

Altitude :1,600 masl .

Grinding: Whole beans

Coffee variety: 100% catimor arabica

Process: Black honeyThe Black Honey process is a drying process in which part of the cherry remains on the grain and is covered during drying. The Black Honey processing method provides the most natural taste from the cherry and at the same time has the least amount of acid in a cup.

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Palate: pineapple, yoghurt, figs

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