Colombia Popayan decaf

Colombia Popayan decaf

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Decaf coffee Colombia Popayan decaf is available in both for espresso and filter brewing.

A high-quality decaf is not easy to find, but this one can satisfy the maximum demands of every coffee lover. Quality beans were used and a new, fine process was used to remove caffeine. Ethyl acetate obtained from sugar cane is used in this process. Thanks to this process, the taste potential of the coffee has been preserved, the taste is pleasantly sweet, complemented by tones of apple and cinnamon.

This exceptional decaf is the result of our coffee trip to Colombia, where we had the opportunity to taste dozens of decaf coffees at the Cofinet processing station, but Popayan Reserve outperformed them all. We are very pleased that you can also order it in light roast (filter) and medium roast (espresso).

Light roast Medium Roast
1 000g 250g
Estimated Delivery:
22 - 25 May, 2024

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