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The farm Sakami was based by Gloria Gummerus. . Gloria came back to her hometown and decided to dedicate her life solely to coffee She had several goals: to offer great quality coffee, bring about prosperity in the region, nourish an abundant agroforestry system and change certain paradigms. The coffee growing conditions –the wind, the altitude, and the land– are near perfect. So when she and her husband Jarmo bought their farm in Trans Nzoia County, they were pleasantly surprised to discover they stood on one of the oldest coffee estates in the region. They named their coffee estate Sakami, inspired by their daughters’ names: Sheila, Saar, and Nakami.

Kenya Sakami Natural coffee beans are ideal for filter brewing.

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Taste profile: Coffee, Filter
Recommended for: Filter

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Main information

Country of origin: Kenya

Region: North Rift Valley

Farmers: Gloria Gummerus

Altitude: 1 800 masl

Variety :100% sl28 & sl34 arabica

Grinding: Whole beans

Proces: NaturalThe cherry is dried whole, and only after drying, the grain is manually selected.

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Palate: mango, tangerine, blueberry

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