Barista course BASIC – Make it better


Barista course BASIC – Make it better


In the basic barista course, which is attended by a maximum of two people and lasts approximately 7 hours, you will learn a lot about the coffee plant, the cultivation and processing of the fruit, and you will taste cascara (coffee cherry tea). We’ll talk about roasting coffee, make some alternative preparations and compare flavours. I’ll explain what changes in water temperature, grind thickness, shade, roast duration, etc. will do. You will learn about the importance of water composition in the preparation of coffee.

I’ll teach you how to fine-tune the details of your espresso to taste, when it’s under and over-extracted, stop worrying about the grinder, learn how to distribute the coffee in the lever, how to properly and ergonomically tamp, how to properly name espresso-based drinks, and many other topics.

We dedicate a couple of lessons to the practical part, you can choose to draw hearts and rosettes around 50 times or you can fine-tune the details of the espresso.

It’s up to you!

    • The last half hour of the course will focus on cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine and grinder.

The course includes a certificate and notes.

The price of the course is for 1 person

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