Colombia Nabor Ortega Washed


Colombia Nabor Ortega Washed

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Colombian coffee, and this one from farmer Nabor Ortega, is one of the best coffees in the world. Among the countless varieties grown there, Pink Bourbon stands out, a gem prized for its unique flavour profile.

With each sip of pink bourbon, one embarks on a sensory journey akin to exploring the lush Colombian landscape. At first sip, the delicate fruitiness of peach, evoking the sun-kissed orchards of the Colombian highlands, captivates. This fruity note mingles with hints of sweet honey, which gives the drink a subtle golden richness that lingers on the tongue.

But pink bourbon offers more than just sweetness; it hides hints of elderflower, a floral elegance that dances gracefully across the taste buds, leaving a subtle but unforgettable impression.

We discovered this coffee on our trip to Colombia in October 2023. After tasting it, we knew that its uniqueness made it stand out above the rest, which is why we are including it in our new premium edition of coffees. The Colombia Nabor Ortega Washed coffee is limited and we only have 120kg of it, so don’t think about buying too long.

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22 - 25 May, 2024

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