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Brazil Vinhal Starfruit Coferment

15,00  58,00 
The Vinhal family has been producing fine Brazilian coffees since 1988. Today the farm is run by a father and son team, Alfonso and Rafael.…

Burundi Licobu Washed

12,00  46,00 
Licobu is a coffee processing and export company in Burundi run by Freddie Hakizimana.They own three water mills where they process cherries from well-trained small…

Coffee subscription 12 months

167,00  295,00 
Coffee subscription: the 12-month platinum is the best possible choice for coffee lovers. Every month throughout the year, a courier will delight you with a…

Coffee subscription 3 months

43,00  91,00 
Coffee subscription: 3 months silver is a membership to our coffee club Goriffee. This coffee subscription is perfect for the undecided who want to try…

Coffee subscription 6 months

87,00  160,00 
Coffee subscription: the Gold for 6 months is the most popular option for people who don't want to worry about ordering coffee monthly. Every month…

Cold Brew Blend

13,00  50,00 
Introducing our Cold Brew Blend, created especially for beautiful, sunny days when nothing beats a refreshing sip of iced coffee. This blend, which is carefully…

Colombia Leonid Ramirez Washed

13,00  50,00 
Leonid Ramirez, owner of the Finca La Cortina de Hierro farm, grows coffee with an unmistakable flavour profile. In your cup, you will discover a…

Colombia Popayan decaf

12,00  46,00 
Decaf coffee Colombia Popayan decaf is available in both for espresso and filter brewing.A high-quality decaf is not easy to find, but this one can…