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Coffee cocktails with our signature: part 1


Our summer move has allowed us to move specialty drinks to the drink menu that also attract special attention behind the bar. So your debates are occasionally interrupted by the rhythmic rattling of ice cubes in the tin-tine, and within a few seconds, the coffee is being brought to you on a tall stem. Enjoy the autumn melancholy on a high, with a glass of world-class coffee cocktails or enjoy it quietly in a low chair with a warm filter and our juicy series on drinks where coffee reigns supreme.

In balance sheets

They bring together the best of what you’re looking for behind the bar curtain. That’s why the world loves them so much. A perfect balance of flavours and aromas, strength and finesse. Coffee cocktails are rolling off drink menus in bars and cafes alike, and their pages have long since smelled of more than just the world-famous Irish coffee. Although the whiskey lady gave many their first coffee-cocktail kiss, which made the perfect fusion of delicious coffee and warming alcohol not hard to fall in love with at all, the world of coffee-flavoured drinks is much more varied. If you’re a coffee cocktail lover too, take a look behind our bar with us and choose which one you’ll be tempted to have one of. Hold on to your cupcakes, we’re starting to get hectic!

Espresso Martini

It is one of the most popular cocktails in which fresh shot plays the first violin. The legendary English bartender Dick Bradsell, who created the recipe in 1983 in London’s Soho Brasserie, is behind its creation. The drink, swirling with stories of a (in)famous supermodel who Bradsell supposedly whipped up one night at her request, caused an instant frenzy. Her order sounded clear. Beauty longed for a drink that would wake her up and kick her at the same time. And since coffee beans were rolling around the bar top all day at this place, espresso was the bartender’s first choice. The other was vodka. The latter, in fact, occupied the bar in the early eighties, again at night. The third time was enough to add coffee liqueur with a pinch of sugar and…a star was born. Soon the cocktail was being taken away from the bartender’s counter by almost the entire bar staff and its fame soon didn’t fit in the Soho Brasserie. Today, the iconic Espresso Martini is drunk in the world’s best bars and is one of the most popular coffee cocktails ever.

Goriffee twist

A unique twist on this cocktail legend can also be found in our offer. We’ve dressed him in a tropical shirt and after the first sip you’ll agree that he looks amazing in it. We replaced the vodka with a slightly sweet rum, added pineapple juice, and matched the homemade orange oleo saccharum with our espresso.

Come and twist it with us too. We guarantee that at the bottom of the first glass you will find several synonyms for the word “balance” and at the end of the second one you might even want to change into a shirt with flamingos on it.
Here’s to November with Espresso Martini!