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Choice coffee: everything you wanted to know about it but had no one to ask


If you’re even remotely interested in coffee, you’ve probably already come across the term “choice coffee”. But what is hidden under this term and what is the difference between a choice coffee and one that is not?

What is choice coffee?

As it happens, the answer can be both simple and complicated, but for an ordinary mortal there is no point in going into unnecessary detail. Therefore, we can say that a choice coffee is one that has almost no defects in its green stage, does not contain immature beans, has a reasonable bean size, has been properly processed and, after conditioning and preparation, does not have any aftertaste or unpleasant aromas.

A more technical definition states that a choice coffee is considered to be one that scores at least 80 points (out of 100) in the cupping method in the standardized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) test, which must be carried out by a certified expert called a cupper. Q Grader.

What’s in it for the customer when they drink a choice coffee?

First and foremost, quality. Statistically, approximately 10% of the world’s total coffee production will qualify for inclusion in the coffee selection. That is, if you opt for a choice coffee, you are drinking a better quality coffee than 90% of other people.

There are many other benefits associated with quality. In the case of choice coffee, for example, it is traceability of origin. For each selection of coffee, it is indicated what variety it is, how it was processed and, if it has been in the hands of a quality roaster, you will always find the roasting grade and the roasting date on the packaging.

All this not only guarantees quality, which you can often trace back to the specific farmer who grew your coffee, but also that you can try different varieties, processing methods, roasting grades and thus gradually find what suits your taste the best. Or vice versa – to constantly discover something new.

Quality coffee requires a quality roaster

As we have already mentioned, the choice coffee is not only judged in its green stage, but also after it has been roasted. And it is the roasting of the coffee that often determines the customer’s coffee experience. Even the best green coffee in the world can be turned into “black coal” by improper roasting, in which all the nuances of flavour disappear, leaving only bitterness, astringency and a coffee that can only be drunk with a lot of sugar and milk. Not to mention zero health benefits.

On the other hand, a quality roaster can make the most of a potentially high quality selection of coffee and bring out nuances of flavour that you would struggle to find in other foods. A properly brewed selection is one that respects the flavours of the variety and the processing method, but at the same time takes into account the specific preparation method and highlights the strengths of that particular coffee.

That’s why the world of fine coffee is endlessly varied and a new adventure awaits you in every cup. Embarking on a journey to taste the world’s best coffees has never been easier. You’re just a click away.