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The 5 most common mistakes of the home coffee drinker


How to make a really delicious cup of coffee at home? In fact, it’s really simple, and the good news is that it doesn’t necessarily mean buying a coffee machine for several thousand euros. Just avoid these five common mistakes, at least one of which most home coffee drinkers make. So, on purpose, how many of these have you done so far as well?

1. He thinks that if it’s not espresso, it’s not coffee!

One piece of sad news right off the bat – if you wanted to make espresso at home like you do at your favourite coffee shop that serves your favourite coffee (and I’m sure it’s Goriffee, right?), it’s going to cost you a lot of money, effort and energy to do so. Unfortunately, espresso is simply a drink that originated in the café environment and in response to the need to serve, as quickly as possible, large crowds of customers (hence the name). That’s why even quality home coffee machines start at hundreds of euros. Without the grinder…

What about it? Try making filter coffee. You can buy a surpriser like the Hario V60 for a few euros, paper filters too and everything else will help you make better and better coffee, but you don’t necessarily need it. And as a reward, a wonderful world of choice coffees opens up to you, with flavour profiles that you can only get from a home coffee machine with much more effort. Not to mention that sipping two decilitres of coffee in the morning is much more pleasant than “kicking back” with an espresso.

2. Does not have a coffee grinder at home

If you’d like to take your home coffee making to the next level, you have plenty of options, but probably few will make such a significant difference as buying a coffee grinder. The coffee oxidises in the presence of oxygen and if ground, the aromatic compounds are lost within 20 minutes. That’s why it’s recommended to grind the coffee just before it’s brewed, and believe us – this is a factor that can’t be fooled by any vacuum packing. Nothing beats freshly ground coffee.

A lot could be written about buying a coffee grinder (and we will certainly do so in the future), but for now you just need to know that you can find a good quality hand grinder for under 50 euros. If you need any advice, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to do so.

3. Weight used only when baking

Imagine that one morning you manage to make yourself the perfect cup of coffee. Totally delicious, which really lacks nothing. And that’s when you realise that you won’t be able to do it again, because you’ve just guessed the coffee and the amount of water by eye.

The kitchen scale brings order to your coffee preparation and, most importantly, the ability to repeat proven ratios. Alternatively, consciously change the characteristics of the coffee being brewed. And that’s the only way to gradually work your way to a coffee that perfectly suits your preferences.

4. Ignores the importance of water when making coffee

Water makes up more than 98% of the volume of each single cup of coffee. This is probably not information that would be surprising once one thinks about it. And most home coffee makers don’t do that.

The issue of water quality and composition when making coffee can be really complex and complicated, but the short and very simplistic way to put it is that the harder the water you have at home, the less “willing” it is to bind the flavours of the coffee to itself. So the least you can do on your quest for a better cup of coffee is to find out what kind of water you have in the area where you live and arrange yourself accordingly. There are several options – either buy bottled water of a more suitable composition or get a filter kettle.

5. Not buying freshly brewed coffee

And finally, we saved the most important mistake for last, in the sense that if you should try to avoid just one single mistake, it’s definitely this one. We’ve already devoted an entire article to coffee freshness(you can find it right HERE), so in short, suffice it to say that coffee is a food and freshness (or the length of time since roasting) is probably the most important factor that will affect the final taste. But help is really simple – just order Goriffee coffee in our e-shop and you’ll always be sure to get freshly roasted coffee delivered to your home, which you can use to make the most delicious cups of your favourite drink.