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Brazil Caramelo natural

9,50  36,00 
Quality at a great price. The most popular coffee from our roastery.Brazil Caramelo coffee beans from San Rafael Farm are characterized by a full creamy…

Coffee subscription 12 months

167,00  295,00 
Coffee subscription: the 12-month platinum is the best possible choice for coffee lovers. Every month throughout the year, a courier will delight you with a…

Coffee subscription 3 months

43,00  91,00 
Coffee subscription: 3 months silver is a membership to our coffee club Goriffee. This coffee subscription is perfect for the undecided who want to try…

Coffee subscription 6 months

87,00  160,00 
Coffee subscription: the Gold for 6 months is the most popular option for people who don't want to worry about ordering coffee monthly. Every month…

Colombia Popayan decaf

12,00  46,00 
Decaf coffee Colombia Popayan decaf is available in both for espresso and filter brewing.A high-quality decaf is not easy to find, but this one can…

India Mooleh Manay natural

6,00  23,00 
It is the first specialty robusta that impressed us so much that we decided to include it in our selection as a "single origin" coffee,…

Kenya Boma AA Washed

13,00  50,00 
Boma Coffee factory is known for its precise processing techniques and dedication to quality. This coffee is suitable for modern espresso and embodies the essence…

Mexico Sierra Mazateca washed

12,00  46,00 
This coffee comes from the Sierra Mazateca and reflects the potential of the terroir that defines this unique region. Each sip reflects the altitude, climate…