Brazil Vinhal Starfruit Coferment

Brazil Vinhal Starfruit Coferment

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The Vinhal family has been producing fine Brazilian coffees since 1988. Today the farm is run by a father and son team, Alfonso and Rafael. Together they paved the way for the production of excellent coffee, including this innovative coffee that has been fermented 3 times and processed using the honey method along with carambola and grapes.

This innovative triple fermentation process uses anaerobic fermentation to create a fruity and delicious flavour that captivated us. The cherry is carefully monitored throughout the process and only the highest quality pearl grain is used.

In the first step, the cherries are placed in water and fermented anaerobically (in a closed container, without air). The pulp is then removed from the cherry using a depulper and fermented anaerobically for a second time. Finally, the fermented grain in parchment is deposited in thick layers on the patio decking. These thick layers are necessary because the parchment and grain continue to ferment during drying. The grain is raked frequently to ensure even fermentation and drying.

Brazil Vinhal Starfruit Coferment coffee beans are ideal for filter brewing.

Light roast
1 000g 250g
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22 - 25 May, 2024

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