Colombia Oscar 300 Anaerobic


Colombia Oscar 300 Anaerobic

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Oscar’s commitment to organic practices means that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used on his farm. This commitment to environmental care is evident in every cup of his coffee, where quality and sustainability go hand in hand. The specific variety we bought from Oscar is Papayo Arabica, a unique and sought-after coffee known for its distinctive characteristics.

One of the exceptional features of Oscar coffee is the use of anaerobic fermentation in the processing of the beans. The coffee was fermented for up to 300hours in a beer tank. This innovative method involves fermenting coffee cherries in a closed, oxygen-free environment, which intensifies and mellows the flavours. The result is a coffee with a remarkable and subtle flavour profile that sets it apart from conventionally processed beans.

Oscar’s coffee boasts a lively and complex flavour profile. With every sip, you’ll experience bright, citrusy notes of tangerine, perfectly balanced with warm, spicy undertones of ginger. As the flavours develop, you’ll also notice refreshing hints of eucalyptus, which add a unique and aromatic dimension to the drink. This delicious combination creates a coffee that is bold and sophisticated and will appeal to connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike.

By choosing Oscar Ome coffee, you will not only be indulging in a high-quality and delicious beverage, but also supporting sustainable agricultural practices and the well-being of local communities.

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18 - 21 Jul, 2024

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