El Salvador Andres Salaverria – soluble coffee


El Salvador Andres Salaverria – soluble coffee


Throw away your prejudices! Instant coffee like you’ve never experienced before. Sweet, juicy and fragrant. In collaboration with Revolución Lab, we have prepared for you an instant coffee made from our freshly roasted coffee, carefully crafted to preserve its taste characteristics. Great coffee anywhere. Just add water. An ideal gift for a coffee geek..

How is it made?
1) Extraction – The ground coffee is extracted in a way that maximizes the extraction of aromatic and taste compounds
2) Lyophilization – The coffee extract is then gently dehydrated by lyophilization to prevent loss of taste characteristics

What makes it better than regular instant coffee?
1) You know what type of coffee it is made from
2) Tastes great!
3) Carefully crafted in small batches to preserve quality

One package contains 5 servings of coffee (5 individual bags)

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