Go bananas filter blend

Go bananas filter blend

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We blended two Colombian coffees to create a complex taste experience: a castillo grown by Jair Arcillo and processed using the Honey Wine Yeast Banana method, and a Popayan Reserve coffee as the base of the blend. Immediately after grinding, the blend enchants with an enticing aroma of banana bread and floral notes. The first sip reveals a rich banana sweetness that flows seamlessly into a creamy vanilla body. The finish is bright and clean, with a refreshing kiwi acidity that leaves a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.

This blend is ideal for those seeking an adventurous and exotic coffee experience, highlighting the unique characteristics of each processing method. The interplay of notes of banana, vanilla and kiwi offers an unforgettable and intense coffee experience. The combination of Honey Wine Yeast Banana from Santa Monica Farm and Popayan Reserve creates a harmonious and engaging blend that is perfect for filtering.

Light roast
1 000g 250g
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23 - 26 Jun, 2024

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