Vietnam Zanya Washed

Vietnam Zanya Washed

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A unique coffee farm nestled in the verdant Vietnamese highlands, it stands out not only for its exceptional beans, but also for the story behind it. This farm is owned by Marián Takáč, a Slovak farmer with a passion for growing coffee. Thanks to his dedication to sustainable and innovative farming techniques, he has produced a coffee that has won our appreciation for its remarkable quality and flavour profile.

The flavour profile of this exceptional coffee will enchant you. At first sip, you’re greeted by fresh, invigorating notes of lemongrass that add a light citrus note. Later, a subtle caramel sweetness emerges, providing a rich, buttery depth. The finish is characterized by a subtle melon note that adds a refreshing sweetness that lingers pleasantly. The flavour profile reminds us most of high-quality Kenyan coffees, thanks to its purity and freshness.

It is an exceptional choice for those looking for a distinctive and unforgettable coffee experience. In a world where coffee often falls into predictable taste formulas, this one from Marián Takáč offers a refreshing change.

1 000g 250g
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18 - 21 Jul, 2024

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