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Caffeinated backpackers – why cyclists drink coffee


With the popularity of cycling, the number of cycling enthusiasts on the terraces of cafés has also increased. Have you ever wondered why coffee shops are their pit stop and a cup of espresso is the favourite dope?

Riding on two wheels is the sport of our time and the peloton of active bikers is growing. Many of them plan their itineraries so that they have at least one spot with choice coffee on it. Our café on Košická 36 has become a popular stop for cyclists, so we started a debate over a fresh filter as to why they like to stop their bikes when they feel the caffeine premium in the surroundings.

Coffee ride

After the first sip, everyone at the table will understand what subtly connects sitting down for coffee with sitting in the saddle. Society and solitude. On a bike, as well as in a café, everyone likes to go alone from time to time and enjoy quiet moments in the company of their own thoughts. But apparently we prefer to saddle up with a similarly tuned group.

It is the social aspect of the fable that is one of the main motivations that drives cyclists from slippers to trunks. Wind up the carts during active rest, strengthen the team and finally reward yourself with coffee and cake. This is what an ideal Saturday looks like for many bike owners who also ride espresso-powered bikes. And so it all came together in a legitimate gastro spurt, which got the name coffee ride.

Such rides always start or end right at the selection shots. The route undulates according to where the third wave left the most significant trace, and many times there are more stops on the map. Coffee rides are extremely popular because they combine the pleasant with the useful and many riders of this discipline can’t imagine it any other way. “Getting on a bike and pedalling to a good coffee is the perfect relaxation. Besides, I always look forward to the finish because I know I’m in for a quality booster.”

Says Johnny, who is one of the active cyclo-coffee riders. And he’s right. Because a cup of coffee is not only a delicious reward, but also a great energy booster.

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Why espresso?

The benefits of caffeine are certainly known to athletes of all disciplines. But few sports give you the opportunity to bring yourself to a quality cup literally during training. That’s why caffeine has become a suitable stimulant for almost all cyclists. Caffeine is known to reduce fatigue, increase endurance and improve concentration. In endurance athletes, it can therefore have ergogenic effects, precisely when it enters the body before or during exercise.

But even the doubleshot at the end of the coffee ride is not just a bohemian whim. Many studies have shown that caffeine intake after exercise improves the body’s recovery and, when combined with appropriate carbohydrates, also aids faster muscle recovery.

So whether you’re a cyclist who only gets on a bike occasionally or you hit the roads several times a week, you’ll have no qualms about taking off the pedals at your favourite café. They may not dress you up in a yellow T-shirt, but you’ll replenish your energy like Eddy Merckx.