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Home coffee preparation 3: How to Aeropress


The third recipe we will teach you to prepare at home is through our popular Aeropress. The coffee maker was invented and patented only in 2005, but it has spread extremely fast all over the world. This is mainly due to its variability.

For the favourite recipe of our colleague and barista champion of Slovakia Simon Janik you will need:

  • 20 g of coffee,
  • 200 ml of water,
  • The water temperature should be 93°C
  • medium coarse grind (as for v60)
  • We use the inverse method – the piston is deployed from the bottom
  • Preheat the aeropress, wash the filter to get rid of the paper taste

The ideal procedure according to Simon:

  1. step: put the Aeropress on the scale, pour 20g of freshly ground coffee, align and reset the scale, prepare the stops
  2. Step: In the first 30 seconds, pour 40g of water and mix thoroughly
  3. Step 1: Add the remaining 160g of water and mix thoroughly again.
  4. step: close the aeropress and at 1:30 start pressing
  5. Step 1: We aim for a slow “push through” of 30-40 seconds.
  6. Step: Total preparation time 2:00-2:15 min

One final tip: Don’t forget to stir the coffee in the cup or decanter before serving. The flavours are released gradually, mixing them all together will bring them together. Do not drink filtered coffee immediately after preparation, wait about 2-3 minutes for it to cool slightly.

It has the most developed flavours at about 70-60 degrees. If your coffee tastes too “watery”, choose a finer grind. If your coffee tastes very intense to hot, choose a coarser grind. Hello. 🙂