Our specialty coffee and cascara

Our specialty coffee and cascara

The story of our coffee offers a choice of diverse flavors, methods of preparation and fates of particular farmers. That is why we bring selected coffee from the best farms and roast it in Slovakia, with an emphasis on maintaining the quality and consistency of tastes.


Cold Brew Blend

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Coffee bundle: Low caffeine, lots of flavour

Original price was: 32,00 €.Current price is: 28,80 €.

Coffee bundle: 3x modern espresso

Original price was: 38,00 €.Current price is: 34,20 €.

Our grandparents were already sitting and talking over coffee, getting ready for work, or just enjoying it. They didn’t deal with quality or its origin, they just watered it. Today, we know exactly where the best coffee is grown, how farmers take care of it there, what their conditions are and how they are affected by the changing climate.

We carefully select coffee from all over the world We only select the best and highest quality coffee beans thanks to the Ikawa sample roaster. We are focused on specialty Arabica, which accounts for about 5% of global coffee production. We roast in Bratislava every week, freshly and professionally on the top Dutch roaster Giesen W15A.

In our offer, you can find coffee for both filter and espresso. We focus on coffees, the drinking of which is not only an everyday ritual but will make your day better and make you smile on your face.