Our life

Our new home in the new house on Kosicka


The last few months have been busy for us with drills, screws and construction foremen in addition to the roaster. Alongside the flavour profiles of the new roasts, we matched colours and pieced together our new space piece by piece. Since mid-September, it has been brimming with espresso and only tasty cocktails to match the perfect balance. Welcome to Bratislava’s most beautiful neighbourhood, our new store on Košická Street.

It’s shortly after eight o’clock and the first morning athletes are already putting their bikes away in front of the café door. The sunny spots under the windows were occupied by a couple of businessmen having a breakfast meeting and the back table was taken by a bunch of students who decided to filter through the schedule with a fresh V60. Just a few days after opening, you brought life to our café. A random passer-by and a neighbour from the next door found his corner. To mix you up like this and create a lively and colourful space was our plan long before the new address won the game for space with its thirty-six. And we are very happy that she won it with you as well.

We were also immediately won over by this place. Even though Kosicka was not in sight, one look from the sidewalk to the original premises and we could see ourselves behind the bar. The green surroundings, the generous patio space and the genius loci of the whole street fitted in with our idea of an ideal afternoon with a cappuccino outside the centre. And that’s exactly how we wanted to fit into the new hood.

While the shabby walls got a new coat of paint and our café got corporate colors, a few tons of grain passed through the roaster, a few dozen foremen through the door, and a few times a winged one flew through our heads – they didn’t even build Rome in a day. We patiently went through the rebuilding process, which was slightly longer than originally planned, and we also spent this time partly in overalls. Sometimes we have turned the roasting room into a workshop, from which came out, for example, custom made tables and many ideas. If you raise your head from the custom-decorated tables to the ceiling, you’ll be dazzled by our industrial sun – a luminaire that works spectacularly with the reflection of light and imitates the sun’s rays on a grey plafond. The walls are decorated with original paintings by the skilful painter Lucie Žitnayová and the whole space is contrasted with rich yellow and azure blue. Contrasts of Košice.

Goriffee Košická is a space where you can meet our coffee in prime time. Everything we pack in the roastery can be found almost immediately on the shelves in the café and fresh roast is always waiting for you at the grinder. In addition to coffee in the new space, we also serve drinks that are definitely worth increasing the daily number of steps on your smart watch. The Espresso Martini, according to a homemade recipe, has dominated the board that means bar in a short time and has earned an honorary cocktail championship both here and in your country. And daily fresh pastries from local bakers from Eberhard, Mandlove or Le sucre are a great partner to a delicious morning cappuccino.

Stop by Košická and enjoy the smell of the new hood with us. We believe that the old familiar smell of a good egg has come with us here.