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Reusable boxes that reduce waste


A year ago, in May 2018, we started with reusable boxes in which we supply our customers in the Bratislava region, but also in Košice with a selection of coffee. We would therefore like to say a few words about this system and it deserves to be evaluated after a year.

It was amazing for us to see how our partners took a responsible approach to the design of the reusable boxes and took the plunge with us, even though we didn’t know exactly what impact it would have on, for example, keeping our coffee fresh or the quality of our coffee. But we felt that the situation in which our planet finds itself is extraordinary and requires extraordinary actions and solutions. And quickly.

After a year, we can say that the system has worked very well with dozens of our partners. And to a one they send us excellent feedback, our concerns about freshness or quality have not been met at all and the boxes even work better than the parcels.
After all, we immediately included more types from 2kg to 10kg, so everyone could adjust the size according to the consumption rate.

And now the most important thing, thanks to you, we have managed to save over 3000 packaging items from ending up in the trash after use and then in the local landfill in your city. We are very motivated for the future that the system has proven its worth and we want to expand it as much as possible. Along with other solutions that we implement in our business.

We will write about those in the next blog.