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The price of our coffee from Brazil is rising again. Viete prečo?


The problems with supply chains have complicated our situation for much longer and much more than we anticipated. Prices are rising across all the inputs we use for production from delivery, to packaging, labels, boxes, roasting gas, electricity and the green coffee itself. We have already explained on the blog why the price of green coffee itself is rising.

Therefore, from February we will have to increase the prices of the coffees that you will find in our year-round offer, i.e. Brazil Caramelo and espresso blend Highlander.

This situation is uncomfortable and we really do approach price increases with humility and reluctance. We will be happy to keep your goodwill.

The good news is that we have managed to conclude contracts for your favourite coffees until the end of 2022, so at least this main item in our production will have a fixed price and unless there are major macroeconomic changes, we do not foresee further price increases this year.

Erik from Goriffee.