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New on the menu: washed coffees for September


For the beginning of autumn, we have again selected a few novelties that will delight your taste buds. All three coffees are washed, one for filter and two for espresso.

Kenya Nyakabugi AB+

The biggest news of the autumn will surely be the return of Kenya Nyakabugi tomato to our range, which you will remember from last year. Farmers from Nyakiri cooperation showed again that their cultivation and processing performances are magical. The quality of beans is great and after grinding you immediately feel an intense flowery aroma. After tasting the drink, you can enjoy a very unconventional combination of tomatoes, citrus, honey, all in the background of a blackberry tone. Can you see why we love this coffee so much? Congratulations on a remarkable coffee, especially to the Nyakiri Community Project and especially to you who can enjoy it over the next few months.

Buy 250g coffee for 12,00 €

Nicaragua Finca Los Pozitos

We chose Los Pozitos specifically for espresso because of its flavour base, which is very reminiscent of Christmas gingerbread with its honeyed flavour and mix of aromatic spices. At the same time, it is very sweet and we believe that it will make the autumn and winter season more pleasant for you. Coffee was grown by farmer Edwin Burgos Garcia and Los Pozitos means in English wells. This name is truly distinctive because we believe that every cup of this coffee will be for you as a small well of hope that you will experience winter in the best of comfort.

Buy 250g coffee for 10,00 €


Salvador Marina Cumbre

Another coffee we chose for espresso. Sweet coffee with a nicely structured taste of milk chocolate, nuts, and oatmeal produced by farmer Alejandro Duarte. When we say that we focus on coffees that are grown in their natural environment, that is, in the shade of the natural forest, with this coffee is particularly true, as Alejandro is known for his activities for preserving the surrounding forests and planting new ones.

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Next time, we’ll be featuring another trio of coffees that we’ve selected for you over the summer and will start arriving around October – natural Colombia, anaerobically fermented Honduras, and washed Myanmar!